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 About Us

 In 2009 we cycled from London to La Rochelle, let’s call it 300 miles in 3 days. We’ve been riding 300 miles in 3 days ever since, including from London to Paris, Amsterdam, La Rochelle, Cologne and Reims.  We’ve enjoyed many adentures, made new friends, discovered something about ourselves and others whilst riding our bikes.

These experiences led to the Bicycle Moaning Collective being formed and because we’d like to take you on a similar journey we created the BMC Ltd Co, founded on the same camaraderie of our club.

Cycling can be challenging, exciting and fun, more so if approached in a team or collective mindset. We guarantee riding 100 miles in a day as a member of the peloton you’ll love the teamwork and camaraderie that it demands and rewards in equal measure.

We’re enormously proud of our club, in particular how we’ve harnessed the power of cycling through our Sponsored Rides for Schools programme to raise over £250,000 for schools and charities in just 3 years!

If you, your organisation or group of friends would like us to organise a fantastic cycling challenge please get in touch.

For further information on our rides and the experience we provide please contact:


What we do

We’ve done our best to harness the Bicycle Moaning Collective ethos of stronger riders helping weaker, team work, value for money, inclusiveness and a sense of adventure into a unique cycling experience to provide organized supported rides for groups.

Please get in touch if any of these challenges capture your imagination:

  • 300 miles in 3 days: Taking 12+ riders on a cycling adventure from London to Amsterdam, Bonn, Paris, Reims, La Rochelle, Luxembourg (pretty much anywhere 300 miles from where you pin the start)
  • Alpine Adventure: Tackle the legendary climbs of the Tour de France in the French Alps
  • Office to Office / Office to Coast / Office to landmark
  • 24 Hour Challenges: London to Paris, Bruges, Brussels or Amsterdam
  • Touring Challenges: mixing it up, slowing the pace and heading off the well ridden road

We can provide support riders, support vehicles and food (lots of it) and handle all the logistics for longer rides such as route, transport, hotels and bike transport.

And lastly a large amount of complimentary motivation.

For further information on our rides and the experience we provide please contact:


What we provide

The Bicycle Moaning Collective can support your organisation complete a fantastic cycling challenge with the following:

  • Experienced support riders with First Aid experience and Ride Captain qualifications. The support riders will monitor the pace, help with mechanicals and provide help, encouragement and most importantly a wind break for anyone struggling. We recommend 1 support rider every 10-12 riders. (NB. Our support riders are experienced riders, often giving up their own time just to get out to ride and share their passion for cycling).
  • Support vehicles. Not only do they carry all the kit and bring the bikes back, they also provide invaluable support on the road, including food stops and in the unfortunate circumstance of a bike or rider ‘failure’, a much welcome lift.
  • We also like to take care of all the administration, including ferry, train and hotel booking. For us it is not just about getting everyone to the destination safely, we make sure we get our riders and their bikes back too.
  • Because we enjoy cycling so much, the ‘safety check’ is the fun bit, we pre-ride the routes to ensure that they are suitable for the challenge and the riders’ ability. We will also provide route files for navigation on bike computers and phones.
  • We have Tour Operator Insurance and ask that all riders have Travel Insurance and/or become members of British Cycling who can provide riders with their own insurance.

Ride with the Bicycle Moaning Collective

We’ve been organizing cycle rides since 2009, following the basic challenge of covering 300 miles in 3 days. With London as our starting point we have ridden to pretty much every European City within 300 miles (or thereabouts), including Paris, Amsterdam, La Rochelle, Cologne and Luxembourg. 

How we’re different

  • We’ve been on a few organised rides ourselves and usually the first and last you see of the ride operator is at the airport or train station, or wherever the ride starts or ends. Our approach has been to be involved in training and preparation pre-ride and has been very successful on our rides to date:
  • We’ve set up ‘Training Leagues’ on https://www.strava.com/, this has provided a real motivator to riders to get out and train.
  • We set up a WhatsApp group to allow riders to chat, discuss the ride and organize training rides amongst themselves.
  • We invite riders to join our cycle club so that they already feel part of a cycle club before they’ve even started the ride – and we don’t shut them down after the ride!
  • Our support riders join the training rides as well as the WhatsApp group and are available to answer questions on training, kit, bikes etc. (We get asked some strange questions!) This allows the support riders to build rapport with the riders before the challenge whilst also assessing the strength of the group, riding styles and the riders’ kit and equipment.

We meet and work with ‘Ride Champions’ – the rides work best if there are 2-3 riders from your organisation who we can liaise with and who also take the lead on sponsorship and training.

We leave the fund raising, if you chose to, up to you and do not require you to pay the fund raising to us. However we are happy to provide some fund raising suggestions.


These experiences led to the Bicycle Moaning Collective being formed followed by the BMC Co which has been set up to help others harness the power of cycling. The BMC Co. provides support for Sponsored Rides and has thus far helped groups, through supported organised rides,  to raise over £250,000 for schools and charities in just 3 years!