London to La Rochelle 2009

The first 300 miles in 3 days, where it all began! 24 riders set off from Richmond Park in London for the 1st leg of the London to La Rochelle ride. After a tough UK leg, the overnight  Portsmouth to St Malo ferry provided little comfort.

The early morning (very early morning!) sunshine was a welcome welcome to tired heads and legs before the day’s 100 miles ride through Normandy into the Pays-de-la-Loire.  Even though we were heading South the good weather didn’t last, indeed the rain could be described as biblical, shelter was needed from downpours and hailstorms on more than 1 occasion. Still the evening meal and drinks in the bar went on late (as we dried out / warmed up). This being the first ride we were reliant on maps (printed on paper that quickly became soggy and unreadable) and 1 GPS enabled watch between us – detours were inevitable but only 1 rider nearly cycled the wrong way down a French motorway! From adversity came our motto: Never leave anyone behind!

Day 3 saw more ‘challenging’ weather which cleared for the run in to a sunny La Rochelle and some well earned cold beers in the beautiful old harbour!

First ride, new friendships, no one lost and lots of lessons learned!

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