Sponsored Rides for Schools

In 2016 we rode our first Sponsored Ride for Schools: London to Paris 24 hours with East Sheen Primary School, in 2017 we helped 3 more primary schools ride to Amsterdam, Bruges and Paris (again) and in 2018 4 more.

We believe that our Sponsored Cycle Rides can:

  • Promote health and fitness among children and parents
  • Foster stronger ties between your organization (not just schools) and its supporters
  • Bring people together socially who may not otherwise meet
  • Create a culture of teamwork and respect that will serve your organisation well
  • Inspire the others – the Primary School children are always out in force to wave their parents off on their adventure
  • Encourage local businesses to get involve and support their local organisations in a fun and exciting way

We hope that you will choose to work with the Bicycle Moaning Collective to create a legacy, not just through the sponsorship raised for your organisation but by building a culture of teamwork, creating new friendships and promoting a healthy outlook that will continue long after the ride.

If your school or organisation would like the Bicycle Moaning Collective to help organise a sponsored ride please contact us at: