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It’s not all about the bike.  Don’t forget to service the engine.

Training plans, injury rehabilitation, yoga or sports massage to support you smash your fitness goals:

Steven Kendall: Sports Therapy

After 10 years working in the City I concluded I didn’t want another 10 years in the City.  So I went to University to study Sports Therapy whilst also keeping my job in the City, setting up the BMC Ltd Co, qualifying for the Team GB Age Group Duathlon squad and running several marathons.  It’s been a busy 5 years.

Having qualified in the Summer of 2018 I am now a Sports Therapist (BA Hons) and an Elite coach at Athlete Lab qualified to provide:

– Sports Rehabilitation

– Training Plans (running or cycling)

– Massage

– Sports taping

Get in touch if you want help with a structured approach to achieving a sporting ambition or want to get back up to speed after an injury.  Not only will I provide professional advice but I’ll also join you on the road, whether it be running or riding and have you joining a Bicycle Moaning Collective 300 in 3 or Chasing the Tour or Training Camps (in Spain, Belgium or the Brecons)

Jo Walder: Yoga

Jo Walder Yoga


  • Group Yoga
  • Private Yoga
  • Corporate Yoga
  • Yoga for Cyclists

Contact Details:

Mobile: 07961104315



Cycling is bad for you! But if you must ride your bike then you need to counteract the weakening of your hamstrings, the tightening of your hip flexors, postural issues with your neck and shoulders (the list goes on).    Basically you need to practice yoga to correct the muscular imbalances throughout your body. 

Sagan practices yoga (I should’ve just said that in the 1st place!)

Get in touch if you would like explore how yoga can enhance your cycling.